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Depleted to say the least..

What is depleted? Well according to the Word of Wikipedia, it means “to greatly reduce the amount of something” or in my case EVERYTHING..does that sound about right to you? Well if your life is anything like mine, then it sounds like it was a word created just for us! Now I don’t want to sound too miserable, or even unhappy..but there are many moments that I am, and that’s okay! That’s what life is all about isn’t it? Ups and Downs.. I do think if you feel down about being down, then you’re going to stay down. Have you ever heard of anyone trying to get out of a ditch by digging a bigger hole? I haven’t, but if you have, you should probably call your local news station, I’m sure they are looking for something for that 5 o’clock spot! This is not the blog for why organic is the way to go..or how TV is the #1 enemy of today’s youth. This is just a blog about whatever I’m feeling..what disgusting thing my 14mo old ate today…The dumb things my husband does and says that I’m sure yours does too..or what off-the-cuff comment my daughter made in the store about a smelly guy standing directly in front of us. We all have these days..I don’t care if you have 1 kid or 6 (bless your heart)..we all can relate to the madness of the family life. So I’ll share, and my hope is that you will share, and relate and if you can’t that’s okay too.. join the fold of depleted moms around the internet : ). Maybe we can help each other gain some energy and insight—or just sit back and laugh! Either way, welcome to The Depleted Mom! Image